Not more than a week earlier, we described that the Aussie online gambling program, PlayUp, paid for one of the fan-favorite DFS tools, Draftstars. Right now, we drop by with the reports about not merely one, but a couple of new purchases by PlayUp. This time, Australia’s cryptocurrency video games operator purchased a bookie referred to as ClassicBet and even TopBetta, a new retail bets company.

TopBetta’s acquisition story came in Monday, along with the two corporations agreed on an extremely interesting package. Instead of repaying full price throughout AUD, PlayUp will matter only $6 million through this currency, along with the rest of the deal (800 million) will be financed with PlayChip tokens. These tokens are definitely the official cryptocurrency of PlayUp, and they are based upon Ethereum’s blockchain and good contracts.

However, the news regarding ClassicBet’s combination came about Friday, about three days just before TopBetta order. However , we all still haven’t received any kind of info about the deal the amount.

What’s Next?

Hence what’s in back of PlayUp’s looking spree? Might ClassicBet be occupied as a bookie that accepts Bitcoin? And may TopBetta come to be one of the first retail price cryptocurrency internet casinos?

Properly, probably non-e of this may happen. Instead, PlayUp will concentrate on integrating their particular PlayChip bridal party into these types of platforms. The particular CEO associated with PlayUp, Daniel Simic stated in a current interview that will their objective is to “allow sports enthusiasts to connect, contend and gather, irrespective of their particular location. ”

Given that they use a DFS, wagering, and list price casino program, PlayUp provides a chance to end up being the first blockchain-based gambling program. But first, they should acquire adequate funding in this project. Numerous other crypto startups, PlayUp plans to be able to launch the ICO come july 1st.

Whether or not they will be successful at financing their objectives or not, all of us won’t understand at least till their ICO closes.