A current survey, created by a crypto shopping web site Fatcats. marketplace, interviewed 382 Russian cryptocurrency users. The particular Fatcats study went on coming from March twenty twond until April 2nd this coming year. The results suggest that 12% of European users take into consideration cryptocurrencies his or her primary income source.

However the survey exposed some other fascinating information too. For example , virtually all questioned people confirmed they have been trading with cryptocurrencies just for a couple of years. Nevertheless , only 28% of them are lively traders in addition to users.

In terms of age, usually the Russian crypto owner might be 27 yrs . old. Plus, simply 10% involving surveyees can be under 16 years old. Remarkably, 93% involving questioned folks are male, and later 7% can be female. Yet , we hesitation that this describes the general quantity of masculine to girl crypto keepers.

Russians don’t believe cryptocurrencies can be a craze!

Nevertheless probably the most fascinating stat installed out of this study is that forty percent of owners take into consideration cryptocurrencies a dependable long-term purchase, and they don’t plan to offer them in the near future. Also, just 1% regarding respondents believe that crypto is usually a bubble. Among the not surprising points is that almost all surveyees possess Bitcoin. Apart from the granddaddy regarding digital gold coins, Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin Cash are popular choices.

A person final thrilling piece of info that came using this survey reveals how Russians use their very own cryptocurrencies. To some extent surprising is that 40% regarding surveyees have purchased into quite a few ICOs in addition to own bridal party. Also, forty percent of customers invest in additional cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless , there is no information regarding how many are applying digital gold and silver coins for Ethereum gambling and different cryptocurrency wagering platforms.

Just what exactly do you think regarding this survey? Positive, it’s not necessarily the biggest example size, nonetheless it gives us all a look at just how Russian crypto users deal with their gold coins. Plus, we could glad that a lot of of them don’t plan to give up cryptocurrencies.